Treat meat eaters like smokers, warns Jeremy Corbyn’s new vegan farming minister Kerry McCarthy

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in September 2015:

Our thanks to Martin for this. From the article:

In an interview with Viva!life, a magazine for vegans, she admitted she was a “militant” when it came to clamping down on meat consumption.

She said: “I really believe that meat should be treated in exactly the same way as tobacco, with public campaigns to stop people eating it.

Is Ms McCarthy’s appointment Jeremy Corbyn’s idea of a joke, in common with his appointment of Gloria De Piero, former shadow minister for Women & Equalities, to a position that has never existed before – minister for young people and voter registration – so GDP (twice a winner of our Lying Feminist of the Month award) isn’t actually ‘shadowing’ anyone?

Corbyn appointed women to 16 of his shadow cabinet’s 31 posts, a far higher proportion than the proportion of Labour MPs who are women. One of three positions in Cameron’s cabinet are women, although only one in five Conservative MPs are women. Nicola Sturgeon appointed women to half her cabinet positions soon after becoming First Minister in Scotland, though only about a third of SNP MSPs are women.

To the best of my knowledge, only Sturgeon has pretended that the preferential advancement of women had anything to do with individual merit.

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