Ex-model Christina Estrada breaks down in court as she defends £200m divorce claim, saying ‘this is what I am accustomed to’

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in June 2016:

Our thanks to a supporter for this. Extracts:

Christina Estrada is such a devotee of the opera she needs part of the £200 million she is suing her husband for to attend performances.

Unfortunately Ms Estrada’s grasp of the operatic world appeared a little sketchy.

On Tuesday in a highly emotional court appearance, in which her spending needs came under the spotlight, Ms Estrada – when asked what was the last opera she had seen – replied: “The Nutcracker.”

Sadly, as every aficionado knows, The Nutcracker is in fact a ballet…

Ms Estrada broke down in the witness box after telling the court how she had received a call the previous night from her teenage daughter in Zurich who said: “Mummy, you are going to make me a poor girl.”

Ms Estrada has rejected an offer from her former husband [note: he has terminal cancer] which would give her £37 million in cash and assets to live on…

She later claimed she was filing this divorce to “stand up for women” and insisted that although her lifestyle was perceived as “extraordinary, wonderful, magical”, that it was a “hard life full of responsibilities”…

Among her spending needs, disclosed yesterday, was £55,000 a year for shoes;  £28,000 for Wimbledon tickets; £78,000 to buy two new watches every year; and £10,000 to attend Sir Elton John’s annual white tie ball.

Apparently most women spend less than £55,000 a year on shoes, and less than £78,000 a year on new watches. How they manage that is a mystery. It’s probably something to do with the patriarchy.

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