Investment in women’s businesses falls as they suffer from ‘unconscious bias’. Hah!

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in March 2018:

Our thanks to Mike P for this, a very silly piece in the Telegraph by Olivia Rudgard (Social Affairs Correspondent!) from 15 March. Basically it’s a silly reporter quoting verbatim other silly women, and citing silly reports and silly anecdotes. The end of the piece:

The report also argues that there was a “pressing need” for more female role models in business, particularly to encourage more girls to go into the science and technology sectors.

Many women are held back by lack of confidence, it says. Entrepreneur Jessica Wilkinson, founder of communications agency Petal & Co, said it was the biggest barrier to women starting their own businesses.

“This is why it matters so much that we shout about success stories and create powerful networks which support women on their journey,” she said.

This is just another example of the familiar narrative:

Women are strong!

Women are amazing!!

Women need relentless support and networks and role models to get off their arses and do anything!!!

Who will be the role models’ role models?

Why are there so few successful entrepreneurs women? It’s simple. Compared with men, women are:

  • more anxious (which leads to a lack of confidence, granted)
  • more narcissistic
  • less work-oriented
  • more risk-averse (especially with their own money)

We should expect only a small number of entrepreneurs to be women. As always, there is no problem here, so there is no need for a solution.

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