Stop white men explaining stuff, says Cassian Harrison, (male) editor of BBC4

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in August 2018:

piece by Matthew Moore in today’s Times:

The BBC no longer wants TV shows in which white, middle-aged men stand up and explain things, according to one of the corporation’s senior executives.

Old-fashioned programmes that feature individual presenters imparting their knowledge of a subject to viewers are too “static” and no longer excite audiences, Cassian Harrison, editor of BBC Four, told the Edinburgh Television Festival yesterday

He said controllers of other channels, including BBC Two, had also taken against the outdated presenting format. “There’s a mode of programming that involves a presenter, usually white, middle-aged and male, [J4MB: Racism, ageism, sexism – as per “male, pale, and stale”] standing on a hill and ‘telling you like it is’. We all recognise the era of that has passed.

“What we’re looking for is different ways to shift a form. Different ways we can bring that specialism, that information, that insight to audiences.” [J4MB: … while using the absolute minimum of white, middle-aged men, we can safely assume – mainly by increasing yet further the already ridiculously high number of female “speaking heads” on BBC.]

His comments come weeks after Shane Allen, BBC head of comedy, sparked a row by saying the corporation would not now commission shows like Monty Python’s Flying Circus that feature “six Oxbridge white blokes”.

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1 thought on “Stop white men explaining stuff, says Cassian Harrison, (male) editor of BBC4

  1. Just another example of discrimination and racism against white men. Why do we tolerate this? It is unjustified anyway you look at it and perpetuates the notion that anyone can be a racist and / or discriminate against anything so long as you are not a white man? I say FU.


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