AUSTRALIA: Woman attacked by flying mackerel

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in September 2018:

piece in today’s Times. Our sympathy goes towards Belinda Bingham.

An Australian woman survived an attack by a flying mackerel after it launched itself from the sea and sliced her throat.

Belinda Bingham was watching her husband, Neil, fish near a boat ramp about 30 miles from Darwin in the Northern Territory when she was injured. Her husband turned around to see her lying on the floor of the couple’s small boat with blood streaming from her neck.

A 22lb metre-long mackerel had sprung from the ocean at a height of more 5ft and left a deep wound. “It sure had some momentum. It just knocked me off my feet. I didn’t see it coming, didn’t see a thing,” Mrs Bingham told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Her husband tried to stem the wound with his shirt. “Neither of us had a line in the water at the time. I was putting bait on so my back was towards Belinda,” he said.

“Next thing she’s on the floor at my feet going, ‘Something’s hit me, something’s hit me’. I looked up, she had her hand to her throat. You could see the blood coming out through her fingers, pumping.”

He called the emergency services and Mrs Bingham was taken to Royal Darwin hospital. She was released this week but is still recovering from the incident. The fish had nearly cut into her thyroid, she said. “Other than that it’s the chest pain and my voice, because the fish bashed my throat. It’s like whiplash and it’s very sore. And they have been worried about the voice coming back,” she added.

The mackerel died after jumping at her and fell lifeless into their boat. Asked if they then went on to eat the fish, Mr Bingham said they had decided against it as it had been too long by the time they got his wife to hospital. [J4MB emphasis.] “We survived it. We got over it, well we’re getting over it,” he added.

Craig Garraway, the St John Ambulance operations manager, said that Mrs Bingham could have ended up “a lot worse off”.

He said: “I believe from the paramedics report there, it had actually impacted on a number of major vessels within the throat area.”

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