No blue lines: police taught how to use banter

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in September 2018:

piece in yesterday’s Times by Fiona Hamilton, Crime Editor:

Police officers in Leicestershire had hoped for a crime investigation course to improve their skills. Instead they will be taught how to banter in the office without causing offence.

The training, which officers first thought was a joke, is to help them to understand the “fine line” between funny and harmful communication. It is said to “put political correctness in its place, recognise the benefits of fun at work and focus on the risk and responsibilities for all concerned”.

One officer said yesterday: “It’s not a wind-up though it sounds like one. It shows the disconnect between the front line and HQ. We could badly do with some crime investigation training at all levels but instead we get this.”

Details of the banter training were posted on Leicestershire police’s intranet. The course promises to teach officers about banter-related case law and how to minimise the risk of employment tribunal claims and “excluded, unhappy and unproductive staff”. It will provide practical advice for “tackling banter in the work-place” and a “technique for having a challenge conversation about workplace banter”. [J4MB: Begging the questions, of course, about why banter has to be “tackled”, and why there needs to be a “challenging conversation”.]

The force said that it was not possible to provide the cost of the course, but on the plus side it would provided valuable income for fat ugly whiny feminists, who otherwise are all but unemployable. [J4MB: We may have inserted a few words there.] Lynne Woodward, from the force’s equality unit, said that the voluntary training was not about constraining and restricting conversations among colleagues. [J4MB: In the immortal word of Eric Morecambe, “Rubbish!” That’s PRECISELY what it’s “about”. What lines of work did hatchet-faced humourless women pursue before recent decades? You wouldn’t want to be at the Xmas party of the “equality unit”, would you? Poking yourself in both eyes with a sharp stick would surely be more fun.] “We recognise the workplace should be a sociable environment, so long as no women’s feelings are ever hurt” she said. [J4MB: Again, a few words added by us, but we think they’re implied.]

Last week a Metropolitan Police officer was placed under investigation for telling colleagues that their behaviour needed to be “whiter than white”.

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