INDIA: Bus driver suspended for letting monkey steer. It’s anti-simianism gone mad!

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in October 2018:

Times caption: The bus driver had about 30 people on board when he allowed the monkey, the pet of a regular passenger, to jump on his lap and then on to the steering wheel

Anti-male prejudice is getting out of hand. Can’t a man today even let a monkey steer his bus? It’s anti-simianism gone mad! A piece in today’s Times:

A bus driver in the southwestern state of Karnataka has been suspended after his bosses saw video footage of him allowing a monkey to steer his vehicle while passengers were on board.

It showed the small langur monkey at the wheel of a Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation bus while the grinning driver, identified by the local authorities only as M Prakash, worked the pedals and brakes.

The company said that it had begun an inquiry, since “a driver cannot risk the life of passengers”. The monkey was a regular passenger on the bus, according to local reports, and always came aboard with its owner, a school teacher.

It learnt to sit alongside the driver at first, before jumping into his lap one day and then up onto the steering wheel itself. On the day that the video was taken the monkey is said to have steered the bus for almost ten minutes.

There were about 30 passengers on board at the time but none registered a complaint, according to The Times of India. [J4MB: Maybe they realised the monkey was better at steering than Mr Prakash.] The newspaper said that the driver was an animal lover.

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