Oxford University’s Classics degree to be overhauled in bid to boost number of female students getting Firsts

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in February 2019:

Our thanks to Tina for this recent piece in the Telegraph by Camilla Turner, Education Editor. She writes:

Initiatives like this make me embarrassed to be a woman.

It’s a “premium” article so to read it in full (at no cost) you’ll need to register or log in, but that should only take seconds. The start of the piece:

One of Oxford University’s oldest degrees is to be overhauled in bid to boost number of female students getting top grades.

Classics dons who marked last year’s exam papers said the gender gap is “very troubling”, adding that it must be addressed as a matter of “urgency”.

More than double the number of men were awarded first class honours in their Finals last year than women, with 46.8 per cent of men achieving the top grade compared to 12.5 per cent of their female peers.

Academics noted that the gender gap in Finals – which was “already very noticeable” – had “dramatically increased” in the most recent cohort of students due to an a record number of men taking Firsts.

Meanwhile, in second year exams – known as “Mods” which is short for Moderations – 38 per cent of men got a First compared to 19.3 per cent of women.

Now plans are underway to re-design the syllabus to try to end the disparity between male and female students. Dr Pitcher, chair of the Classics Faculty, said that a working group has been set up to “recast” the syllabus as a way to “address the gender disparity”. [J4MB: “Dr Pitcher” is a mangina, Luke Pitcher.]

Yasmine Grey writes in the comments:

This is why women with self respect are ditching university. Being pandered to like we’re incapable only encourages the whiny entitled types, girls who are intelligent enough to manage without special adjustments take it as an insult and put their efforts elsewhere.

Congrats on dragging down one of the highest academic names on the planet, Oxford.

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