‘Let us retire at 60 to make way for the jobless young’, women say

Our thanks to James for this piece in the Telegraph. He writes:

Absolutely hilarious and predictable female logic.

The piece:

The Government is being urged to let women retire from the age of 60 on their full pension in order to release their jobs to the young and relieve soaring unemployment.

Women born in the 1950s, who have seen their state pension age increase from 60 to 65, are taking their plea to court this week after being granted approval to appeal a High Court ruling from last October.

Until 2010, women were entitled to receive the state pension from the age of 60, but the Government announced in 1995 that this would gradually increase to the age of 65 to bring it into line with men. Both ages now rise in tandem.

Davina Lloyd of Backto60, the campaign group leading the fight, said women could be the “solution to unemployment” at a time when the number of jobless people was forecast to hit four million for the first time.

She said: “Why would you want to keep women in work when you could release their jobs to the younger generation? They are told that they must put themselves at risk while all these youngsters are on Jobseeker’s Allowance.”

In the mid-1980s under Margaret Thatcher, who was also faced with huge unemployment, the Government allowed 90,000 men to retire early by granting them an extra five years of National Insurance contributions.

There are currently 2.3 million women between the ages of 60 and 65 in Britain, according to mid-2019 population estimates from the Office for National Statistics.

Baroness Altmann, a former pensions minister, said if women did not want to keep working, perhaps because they were not well or were having to care for loved ones, it was important they were not forced to keep registering for new employment. {J4MB: It’s a good thing men never get unwell, or care for loved ones.]

She said: “The welfare state does not allow anyone to get any of their state pension early, however ill they are or however much caring they are doing. This seems to be an area the Government could consider – allowing early access for ill health or carers to state pensions.”

However, it must be a choice and women who want to work should not be told to retire until they are ready, she said. If women who would prefer to keep working are asked to make way for younger people, they will be poorer for the rest of their lives, warned Baroness Altmann.

Campaigners will appear in court from Tuesday to appeal the High Court judges’ decision they were not discriminated against in the changes made to the state pension age.

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