Fitness tests for female fire fighters could be reviewed because of lack of women, say HM inspectors

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in June 2019:

In March 2013, a month after the launch of J4MB, we posted a piece titled Female firefighters – coming soon to a fire near you? Fingers crossed!. It included comments from a male firefighter about the lowering of physical test standards so as to recruit more women into the fire service.

Six years on, it’s clear the standards need to be lowered even further. Our thanks to Mike P for this piece in today’s Telegraph. Most of the article is behind the paywall, but it starts with this:

Fitness tests for women entering the fire service may need to be reviewed because there are so few female firefighters, according to HM inspectors. [J4MB: Note, there’s no “need” for fitness tests for men to be reviewed. Weak women good, weak men bad.]

Just 5.7 per cent of firefighters are women, which is “too low,” said Zoe Bellingham, HM Inspector of fire and rescue services.

“Most fire services are not attractive employers to wide swathes of their communities so they are not accessing the widest talent pool possible,” she said. “Are selection tests creating a barrier?” [J4MB: Damn that patriarchal ability barrier!!! Mysteriously, while employers of sewage workers and garbage collection workers are not attractive employers to wide swathes of their communities so they are not accessing the widest talent pool possible, this is not deemed a problem to be resolved.]

Staff in more than half the fire services they inspected told them they felt the recruitment standards had already been quietly “lowered to ensure more female applicants were successful.”

Selection tests currently include dragging…

The public are requested to weigh no more than 50kg, in order that female firefighters can hopefully cope with them in the event of a fire. People estimated to weigh over 50kg will be left to burn to death, and will have only themselves to blame.

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