Festival has women running the show

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in August 2019:

A piece by Kaya Burgess in yesterday’s Times, which didn’t make it into the online edition:

Britain’s first festival with an all-female line-up and to have predominantly female technicians, roadies, engineers and security staff will be held this autumn. Backed by the singer KT Tunstall, the HearHer festival in Doest is expected to attract 1,400 fans.

Last year 70 per cent of the bands who played at festivans were all-male. [J4MB: This is a bad thing, apparently, while a 100 per cent female line-up is, of course, something to be celebrated.]

Shura, [J4MB: who?] the synth-pop star, and SOAK, [J4MB: who?] the Northern Irish singer-songwriter, will headline the event from October 11 to 13 at the Sandford Holiday Park in Poole.

Organizers said the festival was designed to “elevate female talent into the positions they have rightfully earned, provide a positive space in which to nurture female grassroots talent, and champion women on and off stage”.

Heather Peace, [J4MB: who?] the actress and singer who founded the event, said she would also like to see an all-female crew behind the scenes. “We’d go 100 per cent if we could, but a lot of the equipment is too heavy for the women roadies – woadies, we call them – to carry, plus women are utterly crap at the techie stuff like lighting and sound, obviously”, she said. [J4MB: We may possibly have inserted some words there, but they’re implied.] “Our stage manager is female, most of the team are women through to a heck of a lot of our crew. The main thing is that everyone is awesome at their jobs [J4MB: everyone?] and we want to create opportunity for women.

“KT Tunstall said the problem behind the scenes at festivals is that women aren’t being given those opportunities at a grassroots level.”

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