David Cockney, artist, rants about Tracey Emin, a pain in the arts

Ms Emin – severely constipated, or trying to smile, or both?

Enjoy (video, 0:56). In common with all feminist “artists”, Tracey Emin is a pain in the arts.

Alan Dedman, a British artist, will be providing a video for the (virtual) International Conference on Men’s Issues (2020), his talk title being, “But is it Art? A debunking of the ‘new wisdom’ which says, if it’s not MAN-made, it must be!”

He will be joined in the video by another artist, David Cockney, the subject of the video.

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Nicole Tersigni, “comedy” writer, is a feminist blithering idiot (but I repeat myself)

My thanks to John for this piece. He writes:

Hi Mike, I like your site and wondered if you know of Nicole Tersigni. You’ll know of many nutty feminists but I doubt you’ve come across one as nuts as her. She’s published a book called Men to Avoid, in which she’s put anti-male messages on classic works of art which she claims are amusing. Moronic would be a better description. It gets a rave review in The Guardian (no surprise!)


She says her book will make us men tense, while I think a man who looks at it will fall about laughing, not at her ‘jokes’ but her crass stupidity. [J4MB: Agreed, which explains this blog post.]


I thought you might want to include her on your site, as she’s the most ridiculous feminist I’ve ever seen. [J4MB: Now that’s a very high bar!]

We know Ms. Tersigni is full of BS from the first line of the article:

Comedy writer Nicole Tersigni got fed up of men explaining her own jokes back to her.

How many men would do that? They’d be vanishingly rare – if they exist at all – and wouldn’t represent men in general in any way. So, perfect for a feminist attack on men, then. Tersigni is just the latest in a long line of feminist parasites denigrating men for personal gain. An extract from the piece:

The book is divided into chapters named after certain (not all) types of men: the Mansplainer, the Concern Troll, the Comedian, the Sexpert, the Patronizer. The comedian Jen Kirkman says in the foreword: “If you’re a dude, you may be tensing up right now and wanting to put this book down and tweet at Nicole, ‘Not all men mansplain!’ But then you’d be the guy who is mansplaining to a woman who ostensibly knows men, is related to men, has worked with men, is friends with men, that not all men are bad.”

This dingbat’s basic message? Men are always in the wrong, women are always in the right, and the sole arbiters of what men can and cannot do and say. As far as I’m concerned, she can stick her opinions – and her book – up her feminist a***.

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TV detector van’s truth ray

A piece in today’s Times:

With their licence fee reimposed, some over-75s may decide to risk a visit from the feared TV detector van. But are the vans less effective than people imagine? The triviamonger Mark Mason tells me of an inspector who stopped a man as he was leaving home. The gentlemen told them he had a licence and where it was. But he was late for a meeting and asked if they could return in an hour when his wife would be home. An hour later the lady answered the door. “Can I see your TV licence?” the inspector asked. “I understand it’s in the chest of drawers, third drawer down, in the blue folder.” The woman was stunned. “Crikey,” she said. “Those vans really are powerful aren’t they?”

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Sleeping with Emma – 25% discount

For some months I’ve been sleeping as soundly as I ever have, thanks to an award-winning “Emma” mattress and pillow. I simply cannot imagine how the mattress or pillow could be improved upon, and their “money back if not fully satisfied” guarantee is very fair (200 nights!)

The manufacturer is offering a 25% discount on both their mattresses and pillows until midnight tonight (BST) – here – but you may get similar prices and quicker delivery with Amazon.

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