Philip Davies MP urges the BBC to hire more people with different outlooks

Yes, it’s that man again, Philip Davies MP (C, Shipley), who is tomorrow getting married to Esther McVey (C, Tatton), a former cabinet minister. This clip is an extract (10:10) from a podcast published today by the Daily Telegraph, a discussion between Christopher Hope, the paper’s chief political correspondent, and Philip.

At 9:15 Philip gets to the heart of the matter about the BBC, in his usual inimitable style:

The BBC is spending £100 million, supposedly, on diversity. The only diversity the BBC needs is some people with different opinions who don’t have this metropolitan, left-wing, lentil-eating, sandal-wearing, beard-growing outloook. They need to get out more.

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White man on Booker shortlist shock

Enjoy. Most competitions in the arts are anti-male, and increasingly anti-white too. Last year the four Booker judges were women, and two women jointly won the prize, despite prize sharing not being permitted in the rules – here. The year before that, the winner was a woman whose book was said by Kwame Anthony Appiah. the chairman of the judging panel, to be so baffling it was best read out loud – here.

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100 confirmed speakers for ICMI20, target 120

We have a target of 120 speakers for the conference, and we’ve just had confirmation of the 100th speaker – Alex Crosbie, a much-loved Glaswegian vlogger, “6oodfella”. His YouTube channel is here. A list of the 100 confirmed speakers, along with their talk titles, is here. Next week Alex will be the first interviewee for a new video interview series, Comedy Matters, on this website.

Speaker slots at the conference are running out, so if you have a potential interest in submitting a video, don’t delay in contacting me (

Finally, a reminder that I’ll be hosting the second men-only video meeting on behalf of Regarding Men tomorrow, Sunday, 2:00 p.m. The first one went very well, and I hope to host the (weekly) meetings for a long time to come.

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