Scottish independence: Sexist envoy Tony Abbott is boost for second referendum, says Nicola Sturgeon

A piece in today’s Times. Any politician described as a misogynist by idiotic feminist politicians such as Fishy Sturgeon has my full support. Abbott is said to be a climate change “denier” too. It’s all good.

The appointment of the “misogynist” Tony Abbott as a UK trade envoy would strengthen the case for Scottish independence, Nicola Sturgeon said.

The first minister said that the prospect of a sexist climate-change denier advising UK ministers on post-Brexit trade negotiations was symbolic of the direction of Westminster politics under Boris Johnson.

The former Australian prime minister has previously said that he felt “threatened” by gay people, that older people who contracted coronavirus could be left to die naturally, and suggested that men were better equipped to lead than women.

Ms Sturgeon described Mr Abbott’s comments about elderly people as “disgraceful, deeply offensive and wrong”.

She told Sky News: “Tony Abbott, even before these comments, is a misogynist, he’s a sexist, he’s a climate-change denier, in my view [he] is not the kind of person who should be a trade envoy, or any kind of envoy for the UK.”

The prime minister has come under pressure not to appoint Mr Abbott to a position on the relaunched Board of Trade. Yesterday Mr Johnson failed to counter calls for Mr Abbott to be dropped.

Mr Johnson’s official spokesman declined to comment on the “political debate” and said that no decision had been made on the board’s make-up.

It is understood that No 10 wants to wait until all eight members of the new board have been finalised before confirming the names. One senior source suggested that it could take weeks.

Matt Hancock, the Westminster health secretary, wearing an NHS badge with the LGBTQ rainbow flag, was questioned on Sky News over the suitability of Mr Abbott, who led his nation from 2013 until he was ousted by his own party in 2015. He said he did not believe that Mr Abbott was homophobic or a misogynist and, when pressed, added: “He’s also an expert in trade.”

Ms Sturgeon responded: “Trade is not separate from the values and the reputation that a country wants to project internationally. Trade in many respects should reflect our values. There should be ethics attached to any country’s trading profile.

“You cannot simply say, ‘He’s good on trade so it does not matter that he is a sexist and a misogynist and a climate-change denier’. Having somebody with those views representing the UK probably doesn’t help us boost trade and might actually hinder that.”

Ms Sturgeon stripped Donald Trump of his role as a GlobalScot business ambassador over his “obnoxious and offensive” call for Muslims to be banned from entering the US when he was running for president in 2015.

Mr Sturgeon confirmed this week that she was pressing ahead with plans for a Scottish independence referendum, and pledged to set out a proposed question and timetable before the Scottish parliament election next May.

She said: “There is rising support, and many polls now suggest a majority support in Scotland for independence, and many people in Scotland look at the direction that Boris Johnson is trying to take the UK in.

“Tony Abbott is a tiny part of that, but nevertheless it is a symbolic example of that direction, and many people in Scotland are saying, ‘That is not what we want for Scotland’ so people in Scotland have a right to decide what future we want for ourselves.”

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