NEW!!! “Laughing With Men” – weekly Zoom men-only meetings with Mike Buchanan

At 5:00 p.m. GMT in two days’ time, Sunday 1 November, I’ll be launching what I hope will become a long-running series of weekly 90-minute-long Zoom video meetings for men only, “Laughing With Men”. If people want to carry on after I leave, I’ll hand over to someone to carry on as host. My intention is that the meetings will be of interest to creators and consumers of humorous materials – videos, cartoons, photos, music, other audio files, books, articles, blog pieces… anything that can be considered funny, in fact.

If you want me to send you a link to these meetings – you won’t have to download any software, just click on the link I’ll email you at 4pm on the day – please send me an email ( requesting that you be added to the attendee list.

The subscription fee will be £5.00pcm, cancellable at any time, but to get the meetings off the ground I’m offering (for a limited time) three initial meetings to anyone who requests them, free of charge. Please pay for your subscription on my Patreon page. I look forward to laughing with you, and others.

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