Women and cars – comedy gold


Maybe 30 years ago, I was refuelling my car in Bracknell, where I was working, when I noticed a 30-something blonde woman struggling to refuel her own car at the next pump, the nozzle of the petrol pump not fitting into the opening of her fuel tank (probably because of a design precaution against filling a fuel tank with the wrong fuel.) After I’d finished refuelling my car I went over to her and we had this conversation:

Me: Good morning! I see you’re using the petrol pump, and having a problem. Is your car a diesel, by any chance?

She: No, it’s a Renault.

I imagine she’s probably an MP today, thanks to all-women shortlists. Well, they explain Jess Phillips MP, among others.

Our thanks to Tom for three short videos – Mansplaining (0:48), Ozzy Man Reviews: Gas Tank Fail (3:32), Blonde woman tries to fill up a Tesla Model S with Gas – LOL x3 (6:44).

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ICMI20: Mike Buchanan – “Why Women Fail to Compete Successfully With Men, and Will Always Fail”


Enjoy (video, 43:11). The video description:

This video is a slightly edited version of the video originally published for ICMI20. No alcohol was consumed before or during the making of this video.

Mike Buchanan is a Men’s Rights Activist, author, publisher, and events organiser. He’s the Conference Director and chairman of the organising committee for the next ICMI.

Mike is also an occasional fantasist. This video was recorded in the main library of his principal summer residence, Buchanan Castle, near Loch Lomond in Scotland.

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Smack the Pony (Channel 4 comedy sketch show, 1999-2003)


I host two 90-minute-long men-only Zoom meetings on Sundays for Regarding Men, at 14:00 and 17:00. We talk about anything and everything in the first meeting – I allow people a few minutes to introduce themselves if they’re new to the meetings, and they can raise any subjects they want – while the second meetings are titled “Mike Buchanan’s Humour Group”, suitable for anyone who enjoys humorous materials, in any form.

At last Sunday’s Humour Group meeting an American (at least half the attendees are North Americans, normally, which adds welcome variety) mentioned he loved the Channel 4 comedy sketch show Smack the Pony, broadcast over 1999-2003. I loved it too, to my mind it remains to this day the funniest comedy sketch show written mainly by women, and performed mainly by women, in the history of British television. The Wiki page on the show is here.

We usually play a number of videos over the course of the meetings, so I’ve been checking out some of the videos of the show on YouTube. One gem is a “best of” compilation more than 21 minutes long, too long for our meetings, but I thought it worth posting a link here – enjoy.

The secret of the show’s success? As so often with comedy, truthful depictions of human nature. It’s why “political” comedy from such miserable people as Kate Smurthwaite and Nish Kumar is never funny other than to feminists and other “woke” people, a small proportion of the population, but one to which the BBC and other media outlets have pandered for so many years.


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Bill Burr on the Jimmy Fallon Show (2010)


Enjoy (video, 5:59).


Our last general election manifesto is here.

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ICMI20 videos added to our YouTube comedy channel


The recent online sixth International Conference on Men’s Issues was a resounding success, with 130 speakers’ videos and interviews posted on the dedicated YouTube playlist of Justice for Men & Boys.

I’ve selected three videos to add to the YouTube comedy channel of this website, linking to them on Paul Elam’s YouTube channel, which has 103,000+ subscribers:

– an interview of Karen Straughan (GirlWritesWhat) by Elizabeth Hobson and myself, Looking Backwards, Looking Forwards (44:07)
– Alex Crosbie’s (6oodfella’s) World to End: Women Most Affected (47:02)
– my own talk, Women Fail to Compete Successfully Against Men, and Why They Will Always Fail (46:46)

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Updates on the International Conference on Men’s Issues, and the Regarding Men weekly men-only video meetings


2020 International Conference on Men’s Issues (ICMI20)
Followers of this blog will be aware that ICMI2020 will be a virtual conference on account of Covid-19. Elizabeth Hobson and I are two of the key organizers of the event. We’re using the opportunity of a virtual conference to expand hugely the number of speakers (providers of videos). We plan to publish 120 videos (one per hour, every hour) from midday, Saturday, 14 November, to midday, Thursday, 19 November, 2020 (International Men’s Day), Sydney time (the event was originally going to be held in Sydney). The Guests of Honour include Dr Warren Farrell, Erin Pizzey and ManWomanMyth.

This conference is the first ICMI in which we’re extending an open invitation to those with an interest in gender matters (other than feminists, obviously) to submit material. Details here. We have 97 confirmed speakers already, the speaker names and their talk titles are here. The speakers’ page on the website is here. We’re confirming new speakers every week, so if you’re thinking of contributing a video, contact Mike Buchanan (mike@j4mb.org.uk) asap.

Regarding Men weekly men-only video meetings
Yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting the first UK-based men-only video meeting on behalf of Regarding Men (Paul Elam, Professor Janice Fiamengo, Tom Golden). Attendees included men from the UK, United States, Australia and India. It went very well, and I’m looking forward to hosting future meetings. They will be held on Sundays at 14:00, BST or GMT, whichever time zone is operating in the UK at the time. From the Regarding Men website:

“Paul Elam, Janice Fiamengo, and Tom Golden have joined forces to create a platform to connect Red Pill men and provide them ongoing social support. We want to solve the dilemma of Red Pill Isolation by connecting like-minded men to each other, online and in the real world. Regarding Men is a place for men to speak truthfully about their lived experience and get support, without having to care about blue pill sensitivities.

We are making the meetings and other services available to Red Pill men across the world 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That is what your support is going to help us build. Join us now and let’s grow this thing together.”

It costs $5.00 (about £4.00) per month to become a member and gain access to all the meetings and services available. I invite you to join, what do you have to lose? If you later decide it’s not for you, you can cancel your membership at any time. I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting, and later ones.

The (video) meetings are on Zoom, but you won’t need to upload any software, just click on a link on the Regarding Men website. You can remain anonymous if you want, using only audio, or even contribute solely by sending messages, which I’ll read out from time to time.

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David Cockney, artist, rants about Tracey Emin, a pain in the arts


Ms Emin – severely constipated, or trying to smile, or both?

Enjoy (video, 0:56). In common with all feminist “artists”, Tracey Emin is a pain in the arts.

Alan Dedman, a British artist, will be providing a video for the (virtual) International Conference on Men’s Issues (2020), his talk title being, “But is it Art? A debunking of the ‘new wisdom’ which says, if it’s not MAN-made, it must be!”

He will be joined in the video by another artist, David Cockney, the subject of the video.

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International Conference on Men’s Issues (2020) – website and promotional video, your invitation to be a speaker


We’re very pleased to announce details of ICMI20, a virtual conference. We plan to publish 120 videos between midday 14 November and midday 19 November (International Men’s Day), Sydney time, because the event was planned for Sydney before the COVID-19 pandemic. The videos will be launched on the hour, every hour.

The conference website is here. The confirmed speaker list is here and we’ll be updating it weekly between now and the conference.

Tom Caulfield, our Technical Director, has created a wonderful promotional video (20:11). Don’t miss it.

ICMI20 has two key innovations, in addition to featuring the largest number of speakers of any event in the series. It’s the first “virtual” ICMI, and the first ICMI in which we’re inviting people with an interest in gender matters (other than feminists, obviously) to submit videos. More details of that opportunity here, you’ll need to provide us with some initial details no later than 31 August, little more than three weeks from now. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Contributors wanted


Would you like to contribute humorous material to this website? We can set you up to add blog posts, which we’ll then publish, if we decide they meet our standards. The time may come when you’ll be able to publish pieces with no moderation. Please email Mike Buchanan (mike@j4mb.org.uk) and provide him with a sample of your work.

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What David Cameron (and Steve Hilton, his chief strategist for many years) think of Harriet Harman


I recently ordered a copy of David Cameron’s autobiography For the Record in connection with a book project I’m working on. The book is scheduled for publication in the autumn.

Cameron’s book was priced at £25 on publication (September 2019). Used copies in very good condition (possible new) can be bought for a little over £6.00 on Amazon. I bought a used copy, not wanting to give a penny to Cameron. The quality was “as new”, even if the author was, and remains, a five-star liberal plonker.

Before I turn to Cameron’s views on Hattie Harperson, what of Steve Hilton, his chief strategy advisor for many years? The two had studied PPE (Politics, Philosophy, Economics) at Oxford University together. When I worked as a business consultant at the Conservative Central Headquarters in London (2006-8) Hilton was widely considered as… how best to describe him?… a picnic short of a sandwich. I once had a meeting with Hilton and others, in which I expressed an opinion on something (I forget what). Hilton exploded, like a hysterical toddler.

We know what Hilton thought of Harperson from an interview the two of them had on The Andrew Marr Show in May 2015, which we have on our YouTube channel. The piece is here (video, 2:38). Hilton fawns over Harperson, it’s nothing short of excruciating.

And what of Cameron? Firstly, an aside. For those of us who admire Philip Davies MP and know the critical role he played in the early (and later) days of the campaign to withdraw the UK from the EU, it’s a disgrace that Cameron’s sole reference to Philip (p.332), is in the context of the three-line-whip on Conservative MPs to oppose a referendum on the EU, on 11 October, 2011. 81 Conservative MPs rebelled. Cameron’s words:

Lisbon [J4MB: The Lisbon Treaty] didn’t just rile the usual suspects. It also had an impact on the younger, liberal, what some might call the “Cameroon” wing of the party – reinforced by the fact that MPs were keen to reflect their constituents’ views. The bright and loyal MP Stuart Andrew came up to me and said that he backed my leadership, but because of the boundary review he would potentially be going for the same seat as anti-EU MP Philip Davies, and he had to rebel. I didn’t like it, but I understood.

The ringleaders were rapturous. They had brought about the biggest parliamentary rebellion on the issue of the EU for years…

Harperson, in stark contrast, is mentioned in seven sections of the book. On p.243:

Harriet Harman was effective. She asked questions about subjects she was passionate about, like equal pay and justice for rape victims. And she had a strong but likeable character, with a good sense of humour, which meant she managed to be persistent without ever sounding strident. [J4MB: Is Cameron confusing her with another woman?]

So there you have it. In common with Steve Hilton, his chief strategist, Cameron admired the most vile radical feminist of her generation. Cameron was no conservative.

The book is 732 pages long, the index alone 28 pages. The word “feminism” doesn’t appear in the index.

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April 2018: Baroness (Karren) Brady in discussion with Mike Buchanan for her feminist propaganda TV programme. Viewers appalled by opinions of “sexist caveman” (Mike) who blames women for not having equal pay with men.



I spent a considerable time seeking (but failing) to get Baroness Brady to understand the difference between causation and correlation, and pointed to the evidence (from before 2012, and since) which demonstrates a clear causal link between increasing gender diversity on boards and corporate financial DECLINE. I would have had more success explaining correlation and causation to a cat. Cats are smart.

I thought at one point she was going to stamp her expensively-shod feet. It was hilarious, if a bit embarrassing, like watching a bad-tempered toddler in a store after you’ve told her she can’t have the sweets she wants.

Our discussion was a lengthy one, but only four minutes of content appeared in the final two-hour-long TV programme. Channel 5 reneged on their earlier agreement to allow us to post the piece on our YouTube channel, with copyright clearance, so I posted this (audio, 1:30) on our channel. I’m not sure that Brady uttered the words I added onto the image, but I imagine she must have thought them.

The comments after the article on the matter include this gem by Saf, a genius who evidently considers a man disagreeing with a woman “rude”, and advocates for violence against men who disagree with women:

#whydomenearnmorethanwomen omg someone slap that man! So rude!

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Michael Crick (Channel 4 News) speaks to Philip Davies MP (C, Shipley), Sophie “Doughnuts” Walker (leader, Women’s Equality Party) and other candidates before the 2017 general election


Enjoy (video, 5:50). We nicknamed Sophie Walker “Doughnuts” because she wrote in a newspaper article that whenever our associated political party Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them) presented she and her colleagues (including the BBC licence fee funded parasite Sandi Toksvig aka “Sandi Toxic”) with Lying Feminist of the Month awards, she sent out for doughnuts.

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The maiden speech of Philip Davies MP, 2005 – possibly the only MP’s maiden speech to mention sausages?


The text of Philip Davies’s maiden speech is here. We particularly enjoyed this section:

Before entering Parliament, I worked for the supermarket chain Asda in customer service and marketing. It provided the best possible grounding for a politician because I met so many people from so many backgrounds. Whoever said “the customer is always right” never worked for Asda.

I encountered the customer who accused us of being racist towards Irish people, because we sold “thick Irish sausages”. Trying to persuade her that “thick” related to the sausages and not to the Irish was beyond me. Hon. Members should therefore understand why I will campaign hard against the blight of political correctness, which is doing so much damage to our country. [Hon. Members: “Hear, hear.”]

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Ladies’ darts competitions – at last, some quality comedy on the BBC.


A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in January 2016:

Whilst enjoying a late lunch, I happened to catch 15 minutes of the ladies’ darts competition, staged at the Lakeside Country Club in Frimley Green, and broadcast on BBC2.

Somewhere around 14:05 – 14:15, the (male) commentator made the following remark about one of the contestants, echoing the same point made by Bobby George around 13:55:

Her game’s really good, apart from the doubles.

Can you imagine a commentator making the same point about a male darts player? Of course not. He’d be laughed out of the venue. The remark was like saying of a football striker:

His game’s really good, apart from not scoring any goals.

Shortly after, a commentator made the following remark after a contestant scored a lowly 26 (single 20, two triple 1s – for non-followers of darts, the 1 is next to the 20):

She came very close to scoring 140 there.

At last, some quality comedy from the BBC. The only reason to watch women’s darts is for such comic moments. Had she scored 140, might he have said, “She came very close to scoring 26 there”? I think not.

Why else would anyone watch women’s darts, other than for ideological reasons? The general quality level is FAR below the men’s game, despite there being no strength / stamina considerations to talk of. Likewise in snooker, and other activities, including some solely intellectual ones.

For example, women’s chess – really, what’s the point, other than to illustrate that the top female players are inferior to the top male players? On reflection, we support women’s chess for that reason alone.

There are no endeavours where merit is objectively rather than subjectively judged, where women compete with men at the top level, in any significant numbers. I invite you to prove me wrong – mike@j4mb.org.uk.

The only women-only sports competitions I watch are ladies’ tennis – especially if Maria Sharapova is playing, and then of course only if the sound is muted, a man can take only so much lady grunting – and ladies’ beach volleyball. Now the latter is a sport the BBC should feature far more often than it does. I must write to them on the matter.

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Boris Johnson’s historic offer to the American people

[WARNING: Mike Buchanan has a rare genetic disorder which means alcohol doesn’t affect him, or his organs. No matter how much alcohol he drinks, he doesn’t get drunk. It would be extremely unwise (and possibly lethal) for a person without the disorder to drink a bottle of spirits in such a short space of time.]

Not a lot of people know this, but prime minister Boris Johnson and I have long been firm friends. We had some cross words over his recent ill-judged video about a gender-balanced House of Commons, but we got through even that. During a recent boozy dinner in 10, Downing Street, he explained he wanted to make an offer to the American people, which I’ve just committed to video, hopefully accurately, here (14:01).

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