The banner images

Since I’m bound to be asked, herewith an explanation of the five banner images:

Woman on a rocking horse – obviously a feminist, being deranged, loud, aggressive and going nowhere. I don’t know the lady’s name.

Cross-eyed woman – the photograph of a feminist I used on Gormless Feminists of the Month award certificates presented by the British political party Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them) over 2014-16. I don’t know the lady’s name.

In 2016 I published an updated edition of my international bestseller Feminism: The Ugly Truth. When the first edition of the book was published in 2012, one of the title options I considered was Feminism: Crones’ Disease. I found the image of a feminist in an online photo library, it was one of many that came up when I searched on the word “Feminist”. I don’t know the lady’s name.

Support the Fawcett Society: Buy a Viva La Vulva necklace, a steal at just £45.00 (exc. p&p). I don’t know the lady’s name. For more in the same vein, Woman turns her own LABIA into jewellery after ‘life-changing’ designer vagina surgery left her with ‘cut-offs’ she says she wants to celebrate. I have plans to sell a tasteful Viva Le Penis necklace, with Swarovski crystals for testicles.

The British transvestite artist Grayson Perry, who was the keynote speaker at an annual gathering of manginas (male feminists) in London, Being A Man, one year. He gave his speech whilst wearing a pink cocktail dress. Another term for male feminists is manoodles, I invite you to enjoy this (video, 1:15).

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