April 2018: Baroness (Karren) Brady in discussion with Mike Buchanan for her feminist propaganda TV programme. Viewers appalled by opinions of “sexist caveman” (Mike) who blames women for not having equal pay with men.


I spent a considerable time seeking (but failing) to get Baroness Brady to understand the difference between causation and correlation, and pointed to the evidence (from before 2012, and since) which demonstrates a clear causal link between increasing gender diversity on boards and corporate financial DECLINE. I would have had more success explaining correlation and causation to a cat. Cats are smart.

I thought at one point she was going to stamp her expensively-shod feet. It was hilarious, if a bit embarrassing, like watching a bad-tempered toddler in a store after you’ve told her she can’t have the sweets she wants.

Our discussion was a lengthy one, but only four minutes of content appeared in the final two-hour-long TV programme. Channel 5 reneged on their earlier agreement to allow us to post the piece on our YouTube channel, with copyright clearance, so I posted this (audio, 1:30) on our channel. I’m not sure that Brady uttered the words I added onto the image, but I imagine she must have thought them.

The comments after the article on the matter include this gem by Saf, a genius who evidently considers a man disagreeing with a woman “rude”, and advocates for violence against men who disagree with women:

#whydomenearnmorethanwomen omg someone slap that man! So rude!

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