Mike Buchanan’s second Regarding Men weekly Zoom video meeings – The Humour Group

I already host a weekly meeting for the estimable people behind Regarding Men – “the three professors”, Paul Elam, Janice Fiamengo, Tom Golden – a 90-minute-long men-only Zoom video discussion at 2pm GMT/BST (as appropriate) on Sundays. The meetings are one of the highlights of my week, they’re always interesting and often great fun. Brits are usually in a small minority, interestingly. Today only 20% of the attendees (including myself) were Brits. Others included a man in California (6am) and Melbourne (2am). It’s a little-known fact that MRAs can survive on only three hours’ sleep a night.

I’m pleased to announce that the three professors have agreed to my suggestion of a second meeting at 5pm GMT/BST on Sundays, titled “The Humour Group”. The group is for creators and enjoyers of humorous material, regardless of the form it takes – video, audio, print, cartoons… – anything that can be considered amusing. For the avoidance of doubt, you don’t need to have created anything humorous to join us. I look forward to meeting you on Sundays at 5pm, it should be a gas.

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