“Upward-thrusting buildings ejaculating into the sky”

A piece just posted by Elizabeth Hobson on Justice for Men & Boys:

Man gazes at city, complacent in misogyny.

New classic Guardian article by Leslie Kern (author of the new book ‘Feminist City’) proves yet again that feminism ruins everything, including geography.

She’d have “happily written a grad school essay about this then turned my attention to more pressing matters”, had “the sexism of the city ended with architectural symbolism” – but, apparently, women city-dwellers specifically have to worry about their safety when jogging at night… I hate to agree with Germaine Greer but she was right when writing in ‘On Rape’ that “It is a nonsense for our daughters to be more frightened of penises than our sons are of guns or knives.” In 2019/20 there were approximately 7.89 thousand rape offences recorded by the Metropolitan Police in London. In 2019/20 the number of knife crime offences recorded in London reached almost 15.6 thousand. Neither rape, nor knife crime are entirely gender-specific crimes, of course – though I suspect that concerns over personal vulnerability to such crimes probably are more gender-specific… But the city is not a space where anyone can waltz along carefree assuming they cannot be victimised because they were lucky enough to be born a certain sex and the propagation of the myth that men can and do can only breed resentment.

For the record, this Wikipedia page ‘List of tallest buildings designed by women’ is a handy reference for women-architects who clearly suffer internalised misogyny. J4MB salutes them!

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