Buchanan’s Law of Technical Advice

It’s slowly dawned on me over recent years, that although men and women with the same job titles earn the same, they don’t do the same. I’ve lost count of the number of emails I’ve had from men who’ve told me they have the same job titles and remuneration as women in their workplaces, but when hard physical tasks need to be done, only the men do them, because penis.

The same disparity is evident in professions in which physical risk is an issue. A drugs den raid, with equally paid male and female police officers in a queue at the front door, just before the door is smashed down, the people inside the building possibly armed to the teeth with firearms and knives? Ladies, please go to the back of the queue. Oh, you’re already there. Thank you for your co-operation.

A prison riot, with equally paid male and female prison officers running towards Killer O’Toole beating the s**t out of Jawbreaker Johnson? Ladies, please go to the back of the queue. Oh, you’re already there. Thank you for your co-operation.

Go into any DIY store, and ask any of the female employees the simplest question, maybe this:

Hello. I’d like to buy a left-handed nurdle decalcifier, where might you be displaying those?

Invariably Chardonnay – all DIY store female employees have this first name – will totter over to the Information desk, and speak into the PA microphone something along the following lines:

Would Mr Johnson please come to the information desk?

Mr Johnson, needless to say, will be earning no more than Chardonnay, and often less.

Which brings me to the aptly-named Joy. Because the burden of work for men isn’t restricted to physical effort and risk of injury or death, but extends to technical knowledge. Over many years I’ve found that in computer stores, the male employees have something of a monopoly on IT knowledge.

I’m currently thinking of buying a Samsung Galaxy tablet, and checked out the Amazon entry on one model – here. A potential buyer asked this question, for buyers and others to answer:

Does it have microsoft word on it, and if so,is it the free version? Thank you

Our thanks to Joy – here – for her helpful response:

I bought the galaxy tab as a gift , so I cannot answer the question.

We need more women in IT.

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