About this website

[Note added 11.4.23: Justice for Men & Boys has just been de-registered as a political party. It continues its campaigning for the human rights of men and boys, and raising public awareness of the toxic ideology of feminism. Mike Buchanan continutes to lead the initiative. The rest of this page remains unchanged.]

Feminists are laughable, ridiculous and ludicrous. The premise behind this website is that laughing at, ridiculing and ludicrising feminists is more than a necessity, it’s a civic duty. It’s planned to make this website a repository of anti-feminist humour.

This website is the creation of Mike Buchanan, founder and leader (2013-23) of the British political party Justice for Men & Boys – J4MB. The party’s YouTube channel contains video and audio pieces relating to the party from its launch to the present day, including videos of presentations at men’s issues conferences since 2014.

Mike exercised his patriarchal power and passed the leadership of J4MB to Elizabeth Hobson, 31, on 26 May, 2020. She had been the party’s Director of Communications for two years, up to that point. J4MB beat the Labia party in appointing a female leader. In March 2021 Elizabeth resigned from the position, after realising that her new full-time job meant she would no longer have the time and energy required to lead the party. Mike re-assumed the role.

The following photographs of Elizabeth were taken in the pool room of the Patriarchy Council HQ in London, in 2019. The building is only a short stroll from Harrods department store, where Mike orders and stores his Hoyo de Monterrey Cuban cigars.

Most people would reasonably assume Elizabeth isn’t a feminist. All female non-feminists are beautiful, and all female anti-feminists – such as Elizabeth – very beautiful. It would be dangerous for most feminists to sit on pool tables, for obvious reasons.

J4MB was the only political party in the English-speaking world campaigning for the human rights of men and boys on many fronts. It was also the only avowedly anti-feminist party in the English-speaking world.

The J4MB manifesto is here. Where the human rights of men and boys are assaulted it’s almost always in order to privilege women and girls. In stark contrast, in the UK today, the human rights of women and girls specifically are assaulted in no areas. None.

Feminist “comedians” are never funny, have you ever wondered why that is? There are a number of reasons, but the two most important are these:

  • Every feminist narrative is one or more of the following – a baseless conspiracy theory, a fantasy, a lie, a delusion or a myth. Comedy needs to have a basis in truth to be funny, and there are no truths in feminism. So feminist “comedy” can never be funny, by definition, at least to people other than feminists, i.e. people with IQs above those of fruit flies; and
  • Feminist “comedians” are hatchet-faced humourless harridans who hate men – “the four Hs”. They’re consumed by misandry, the hatred of men, and they’re as funny as a shattered pelvis, and far more painful. Kate Smurthwaite (aka Smurfwit) is a prime example. She’s never responded with humour to anything said by others on TV and radio shows, even after men have respectfully addressed her as “sweetheart” or “darling” or “doll” or “toots”. She is literally witless, as is Sandy Toxic.

Feminist “comedians” rely on left-wing organizations such as the feminist-infested BBC to earn money. They are parasites on long-suffering TV licence payers and taxpayers, one and all. We may laugh at feminist “comedians”, but never at anything they say. 

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