J4MB seagulls ready for feminist marches

A wealthy American donor has given us a substantial donation for what might appear to be an impossible challenge, to train seagulls (common in Bedford, despite being a long way from the sea) to, er, defecate on command (a whistle being blown). The objective is to have a large flock of the birds defecate on feminists whenever they’re gathered together outdoors in sizeable numbers, for example on marches about whatever is troubling their silly little heads at the time.

We thought it was an impossible challenge, and told the donor as much, but he was insistent. By way of encouragement he offered half the money upfront, and the balance when we provided proof of the training having been successful. He’s just sent us the balance after we sent him these images of “Gerry” from one of the training videos:

We’re looking forward to providing some entertainment at future feminist marches.

Our Facebook page is here, YouTube channel here, Twitter account here.

You can make a donation to support our work here. Nobody working for the party draws an income from the party’s income streams. You can help Mike Buchanan meet his personal living expenses through his Patreon page, or send him some Bitcoin, his account is 1EfWxqDAtgJDCR3tVpvVj4fXSuUu4S9WJf. Thank you.

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