You probably won’t be surprised to learn that for years I’ve been inundated with requests from men to become their life coach, often in relation to fashion, personal grooming, interior decoration, and (less often) spiritual matters. They usually offer substantial amounts of money, but I simply don’t have the inclination (or time) to pursue this line of work. Instead I’ve decided to use this new website, and its associated YouTube channel, to give my advice for free on many of the areas I’m often approached about.

Which brings me to sausages, surely the ultimate man food. There are few things in life more satisfying than munching on a long hot sausage, and that’s not a euphemism. So I’ve decided, at 62, to start sausage-making at home, in part inspired by two videos on YouTube. One has received over 3 million hits, while the other hasn’t, but it’s a gem of a piece on the under-appreciated ancient art of sausage-linking.

The two videos are on a new Food & drink playlist on the aforementioned YouTube channel.

I hear you ask, why might you wish to start making your own sausages? Because of what commercial sausages may contain, described on labels as “meat”, at least in the UK – skin, connective tissues, fat, and more. Following in-depth research, I’ve just ordered from Amazon what I need to start making sausages in the required quantities, other than the meat:

Homeasy Meat Grinder, Food Processor, 2 litre stainless steel bowl… (£37.99)
Master Feng Sausage Stuffer (5lb, 3 litre) (£29.99)
Sausage pricker (£9.77)
Hog casings 36-40mm, 24 metres (£7.99)
Dried sage (135g) (£7.68)

Upfront investment £93.42, but a price worth paying for quality bangers, surely.

More food and drink advice to come, with your support.

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