Our public challenge of Kate Smurthwaite, feminist ‘comedian’

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in January 2015:

Three days ago I was a contributor to a show on BBC Radio Ulster, The Stephen Nolan Show. Also on the show was Kate Smurthwaite, a feminist ‘comedian’ who – like all such women – is as funny as a dislocated shoulder. The BBC is introducing gender quotas for panel programmes, so we’ll see more of women like her. Joy. Our YouTube clip of the exchange is here. It’s already received 50+ comments, 50+ upvotes, and no downvotes.

After the programme, Ms S posted this on her Facebook page:

Here’s me on BBC Ulster with Mike Buchanan from the anti-feminist party lot. To be honest more shocking is the way we’re introduced with references to “whiny feminists” and “has the pendulum swung too far?” No, Stephen, while women are still a tiny minority in the corridors of power and two a week are murdered by their male partner or ex-partner, the pendulum has not “swung too far”.

Hilarious. My sides are splitting. Of course Dr Catherine Hakim’s Preference Theory (2000) explains why a minority of senior politicians (and business people, Nobel Prize winners etc.) are women, but let’s focus on this gem:

…two (women) a week are murdered by their male partner or ex-partner…

Yes, it’s the long-discredited claim that led to both Caroline Criado-Perez and Special Snowflake being presented with ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ awards. Why do feminists keep handing us these gifts? If we had the spare time we could present them with ‘Lying Feminist of the Day’ awards.

In a moment I’ll send a link to this piece to Ms S’s Twitter account @Cruella1. Our challenge:

Kate, the latest government statistics of which J4MB is aware showed that 75 women  were killed by male partners or ex-partners during the year in question – nearer ‘one per week’ than ‘two per week’, unless in Femland there are 37.5 weeks in the year? The idea that the number says anything other than men tend to be stronger than women, and more likely to have access to firearms, is one of countless feminist myths.

The number has declined by around 25% in 10 years. These deaths were attributable to both murder and manslaughter, while you refer only to murder.

Even Vera Baird dissociated herself from the ‘two women a week’ claim in 2010, when she was a Labour MP, shortly before being booted out of office by her electors. We recently called for her resignation as PCC for Northumbria.

We publicly challenge you to provide evidence to back up your assertion ‘… two (women) a week are murdered by their male partner or ex-partner… ‘ by 5pm February 7, and if you fail to do so, we’ll present you with a well-deserved ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ award. Have a nice day.

Please support Mike Buchanan’s work on Patreon. Thank you.

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