Exam board ‘forced’ to include female composers on A-level music syllabus by a whiny feminist schoolgirl’s petition

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in September 2015:

Our thanks to Mike for this. A whiny feminist schoolgirl has ‘forced’ one of the country’s leading exam boards to change its music syllabus. Thin end of the wedge, anyone? What could possibly go wrong?

The ‘journalist’ is Paul Gallagher who – to his eternal shame – expresses not a single word of criticism of what’s happened, not does he report the views of anyone else who might reasonably object to it. Excerpts from his dismal piece of feminist propaganda:

At a meeting this week the 17-year-old received a personal apology from Mark Anderson, Managing Director of Edexcel’s parent company Pearson, and an assurance that the course will change. She had written to him demanding change following her involvement in a ‘Fearless Futures’ programme exploring gender inequality, which she said enabled her to recognise “normalised sexism”.

Ms McCabe, who is currently studying maths, music and history at Twyford Church of England High School in London, told The Independent: “There’s been a lot of progress. I didn’t think it would be as easy [to change the syllabus] as it was, but Edexcel have been great – they automatically saw the need to rectify this and are making changes as soon as possible for the new course.

“They are also reviewing their other qualifications to ensure they are diverse and inclusive. They are speaking to lots of specialists in the industry and leading academics to see who they feel should be included – and to senior examiners because there are Ofqual guidelines which they have to set.”…

Ms McCabe is not resting on her laurels and has already written to Nicky Morgan, the Education Secretary, as she wants to “role (sic) this process out to other exam boards”.

The teenager said: “It’s not just Edexcel [where this problem exists], other exam boards are at fault too. Edexcel is the leader in A level music but there are other people studying music with different exam boards so they should have the opportunity to learn about women composers too.”

Mr Anderson said: “We are fully committed to ensuring diversity is better reflected through our revised music A-level, which will begin to be taught in Autumn 2016. We have met with Jessy, listened to her views and are taking her feedback on board, as well as the views of other musical experts in the UK.”

‘Other musical experts’? Give me strength. Jessy McCabe is 17 and studying music for her A Level. Does Mr Anderson not know that the first rule of dealing with difficult people, is not to reward them for being difficult? Even (or especially?) if they’re 17-year-old schoolgirls? He’s helped create a monster. Our considered opinions on this matter:

Mark Anderson needs to strap on a pair.

We hope Pearson’s share price crashes in response to his idiocy.

A tip of the hat to Steve Hill, who’s posted the only comment on the article so far:

OK chaps and chappesses. Without googling, write down a list of all the famous classical composers you know. Stop when you get to a woman.

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