Being a Man(gina) Festival

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in November 2015:

Two days ago I had an email from a woman working in relation to the forthcoming Being a Man Festival (BAM) in London (27-29 November). She asked if I might be interested in promoting the event, to which I responded:

I should sooner gnaw off my hands and feet without the benefit of anaesthetic, than promote your festival.

She replied:

Thank you. Would you like me to remove me from our mailing list?

BAM is a grotesque anti-male event, launched last year by a feminist. Last year’s keynote speaker was Grayson Perry, a transvestite potter – a talented transvestite potter, admittedly – who gave the talk in his trademark heavy make-up, and wearing one of his trademark pink party dresses.

From the website for the forthcoming event:

Being A Man addresses the challenges and pressures of masculine identity in the 21st century.

This major new festival – now in its second year – is taking over Southbank Centre for three days in November 2015. Join us for conversations and the sharing of stories – serious, challenging and light-hearted – plus the mandate to discuss anything and everything about being a man today.

‘… anything and everything about being a man today’? So long as it’s through a gynocentric / feminist lens, anyway. Among the speakers will be Jane Powell, the odious radical feminist who’s been the CEO of The Calm Initiative, a male suicide charity, for almost ten years. I am told her charity’s staff consists of women and one gay man. Gender balance is a fine thing.

Another speaker will be Tim Samuels, the feminist who’s been presenting Men’s Hour, a BBC Radio 5 Live programme – ‘The men’s magazine for the modern man’ – for several years, and has never invited anyone from J4MB onto his programme. He’s an admirer of feminism, and is predictably admired in turn by Jenni Murray – here.

Jonathan Wall, controller of BBC Radio 5 Live, denied in a letter to me in September 2013 that Men’s Hour follows feminist agendas – here.

Six weeks before the last general election Samuels wrote a piece for the Telegraph titled, with no apparent irony, Why is nobody in politics standing up for men?

Another speaker will be Jeremy Hardy, an insufferably smug BBC left-wing luvvie.

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