Funding warning for sports governing bodies under new gender diversity code. And why aren’t 50% of lorry drivers female?

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in November 2016:

More government bullying to privilege women unworthy of senior positions on the grounds of merit. An extract:

Sporting governing bodies must bring in more women or lose public funding, UK Sport and Sport England have warned.

Under the new ‘Code for Sports Governance’, organisations must adhere to “gold standards” of transparency, accountability and financial integrity.

The code sets out a target of at least 30% gender diversity on boards.

“If sport wants to be publicly funded, it must reflect the public it serves,” said the chief executive of Women in Sport, Ruth Holdaway.

She said the code sent that message “loud and clear”…

“It is vital that our domestic sports bodies and organisations uphold the very highest standards of governance and lead the world in this area,” sports minister Tracey Crouch said.

What horrendous passive-aggressive women these are. They always have noble-sounding justifications for the shameless privileging of women, at men’s expense. Later in the piece:

The Football Association is among the many recipients and will receive £30m from Sport England during the period 2013-2017.

However, the sports minister warned the FA earlier this year that it would be stripped of further funding unless it made changes to its governance.

The FA has just one woman on its board, independent non-executive director Dame Heather Rabbatts, who has been left “frustrated” and “disappointed” at its failure to implement reform.

The first piece on our YouTube video channel is here. It dates from January 2013, the month before we launched J4MB. I was on there representing Campaign for Merit in Business on the issue of gender diversity on corporate boards. The interviewer was Jo Coburn, and her guest for the whole programme was the aforementioned Heather Rabbatts, then as now a non-executive director of the FA. At 10:00, in response to Rabbatts’s blithering on about the importance of diversity on boards, I said this:

We always have cherry-picking. We always have, “50% of the population are women, so why aren’t 50% of FTSE100 board directors women?” I don’t see anyone campaigning for 50% of lorry drivers to be women!

Ms Coburn invited Ms Rabbatts to respond. Ms Rabbatts dealt with the question as best she could – not very well, it turned out, as she casually admitted the key issue of ‘more women on boards’ was women taking power from men. As we were leaving the studio she hissed at me, “That lorry driver question was a low blow, Mike!” I cheerily replied, “Thanks – I’ve got hundreds of ’em!” She glared at me, then scurried off with an anxious-looking minion.

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