Greg Young: Women, naturally better leaders for the 21st century

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in August 2016:

Our thanks to Martin for this. From the email associated with the embarrassing 13-page document:

About the author

Greg Young, CEO of LeaderShape Global, has been a thought leader in the field of leadership development for over 10 years following a senior career in the Lifesciences and Telecommunications Sectors – see He is a contributor to “The Invisible Elephant & the Pyramid Treasure: Tomorrow’s Leadership – the Transpersonal Journey” (2011) and “Leadership Assessment for Talent Development” (2013). Greg diversity (sic) has a passion for diversity in leadership and most recently was on the Judging panel of Women in Construction and Engineering Awards (WICE) 2016.

An extract from the document (p2):

Routledge and LeaderShape Global in partnership are pleased to announce a series of quarterly White Papers around the subject of Transpersonal Leadership, culminating in the publication of a book entitled “Becoming a Transpersonal Leader” in January 2018. So what is Transpersonal Leadership? The concept was first published in a report on tomorrow’s leadership, based on a leadership development journey developed by LeaderShape (Knights, 2011). The word “transpersonal” was inspired by the use of the word in “transpersonal psychology” (Bynum, 2010). “Transpersonal” is defined as “extending or going beyond the personal or individual, beyond the usual limits of ego and personality”.

A Transpersonal Leader is defined as: They operate beyond the ego while continuing personal development and learning. They are radical, ethical, and authentic while emotionally intelligent and caring. They are able to:

• embed authentic, ethical and emotionally intelligent behaviours into the DNA of the organisation

• build strong, collaborative relationships, and

• create a Performance Enhancing Culture that is Ethical, Caring and Sustainable.

From p.10:

Ensuring women reach the top

There are many strong and valid societal and organisational reasons why fewer women reach senior positions and the very top of organisations than would be expected and justified by demographics. What this research study identifies is that women are actually better than men as leaders in many of the EI capabilities that make up the leadership styles that leaders need in the 21st century. However, the study also shows that there are a few areas, especially around emotional self-control and self-confidence where women could and should focus to make themselves as good as they can be as leaders in this fast changing world.

Strategies for building a strong pipeline of women leaders

This study shows that woman have natural attributes that when realised make them ideal leaders for organisations in the 21st century. The challenge however, is to get more women into leadership positions where they can deliver maximum advantage. These strategies fall into broad categories of: 1. Setting targets based upon sound data 2. Creating the right HR policies that enable the talent to be present in the work environment 3. Developing Organisation Development (OD) policies that recognise the difference in requirements between genders. 4. Building a culture that recognises and encourages leverage of the difference that woman can make to strategic thinking and performance.

My brain hurts. I think we can safely assume no mention is made in the document of the long-established fact that four times as many men as women have a strong work ethic, and that’s the prime reason men outnumber women at senior levels in the private sector.

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