You have to feel sorry for Tom Phillips (Jess Phillips’s husband)

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in August 2016:

The video (6:38) on our YouTube channel of Jess Phillips’s woeful maiden speech (28 May, 2015, three weeks after the general election) has attracted 12,000+ views and a satisfying number of downvotes from the harridans. In the course of her speech, Ms Phillips mocked her husband for his line of work (lift engineer) and his lack of qualifications compared with hers, and whined that she earned less than him, while she was employed at a charity.

She also spoke of her ‘misfortune’ at having two children, ‘Both of whom are sons, incidentally!’ They must be so proud of her.

It has only just come to our attention that her already unfortunate husband (Tom) had a devastating change of career shortly after Ms Phillips was elected an MP, by becoming her office manager – here. You have to feel sorry for the poor man. What must he have done in a former life, to deserve this? To be fair, the same could be asked of Jack Dromey MP, the relentlessly (and understandably) haunted-looking husband of Harriet Harman.

Maybe we should start a fundraiser to send Tom and Jack on holiday together, without their wives. Think of the fun they’d have!

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