The Guardian: Suspend the rightwing Tory MP Philip Davies? No way, he’d love it.

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in August 2016:

piece published by The Guardian today. Neither this piece, nor one published by the paper yesterday, appears to have a comments section. Hmm, why might that be?

A flavour of the article by Michael White, associate editor and former political editor:

There are more women in the cabinet and boardroom, but not yet enough, and women’s dominance of the university entrance levels grows every year. Only the other day a female judge, whom a loutish J4MB type called “a bit of a cunt”, replied: “You are a bit of a cunt yourself” before sending him down.

Hmm, so a right-wing racist who shouted obscenities in court is ‘a loutish J4MB type’? Even by the standards of The Guardian, this is scraping the bottom of the barrel. No evidence is presented to substantiate the assertion, of course, possibly because no evidence exists.

I never thought I’d say it, but I’m starting to warm towards The Guardian. It’s become a parody of itself. Happy days.

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