Emma Pearce, feminist radio interviewer at Nottingham University (2015) is now a producer at the BBC. What are the chances?

My thanks to HEqual for this:

Mike, i was looking back at some older articles and ended up clicking the Twitter profile of Emma Pearce, that rather unpleasant feminist from Nottingham University who interviewed you before the 2015 general election and didn’t care for men’s issues one bit – here (audio, 16:29). In the least surprising news ever, she is now a producer for BBC Radio 4.

Some of the 177 comments:

At the start she pretends she is a equality feminist but it soon becomes clear she is a radical feminist the longer the interview goes on.

“The pay gap definitely exists, because I say so! The intensity of my belief makes it true!”

The foolish comments at the end by feminists were embarrassing – their arguments are so weakly built a child could push them over.

Wow she was so condescending, such lack of respect for her guest.

Nice contrast between Mike’s calm appeal to facts and the interviewer’s voice, absolutely dripping with barely contained hatred but unable to make an argument.

Good lord this interviewer can’t hold back her ideological bias at all, its like talking to a wall.

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