Karolina Skog, Sweden’s Environment Minister: “Cars are driven largely by men, so by giving a lot of space to cars, we’re giving a lot of space to men – at the expense of women.”

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in March 2017:

A dopey Swedish blonde has nominated herself for a Gormless Feminist of the Month award. Our thanks to Ian for this. The comments section is more worth reading than the article. Extracts:

“The car is a flexible mode of transport, and people find it nice to travel around in their own bubble,” the minister told Göteborgs-Posten. “But the main drawback is that they’re ineffective.

“A normal car in Sweden stands still for 97 per cent of its lifetime and for every car there are eight parking spaces and many miles of road. You can’t call that effective.”

Ms. Skog said that reducing the number of cars on the road is a gender issue because their prevalence in Swedish cities results in men taking space away from women.

“Cars are driven largely by men so by giving a lot of space to cars; we’re giving a lot of space to men — at the expense of women,” she explained…

Feminism in the field of transport policy isn’t new in Sweden, which prides itself on having the world’s “first feminist government”, its website explaining: “This means that gender equality is central to the Government’s priorities – in decision-making and resource allocation.”

In November, however, Stockholm’s policy of “gender-neutral snow ploughing” was called into question after the city was plunged into chaos with hospitals reporting a fourfold increase in broken bones. [my emphasis]

Feminist transport policies resulting in increased harm? Extraordinary, who’d have thought it possible?

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