Women Are Not Here For You. You Do Not Own Us.

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in May 2017:

I make a big effort to not have my time wasted by deranged feminist bloggers – I know, I know, ‘deranged’ is implied in ‘feminist’ – but every now and then one writes a piece that is so teeth-grindingly absurd, I feel obliged to respond and bring the piece to the attention of the followers of this blog, for the sake of my sanity. One such piece has just come to my attention, on the ‘Drifting Through’ blog – here. It’s titled, ‘Women Are Not Here For You. You Do Not Own Us.’

The website is the creation of an American woman. On her ‘About’ page she writes:

I’m a writer, a mom of three, and a wanna-be groupie (I love to see live music and sometimes it gets excessive.)

I’ve just posted the following comments:

I have only speed-read your piece, life’s too short to do more than that. It was enough. More than enough.

Your website’s strapline is “Welcome to the inner workings of my mind.” The inner workings of your mind have clearly been polluted by feminist ideology and you are therefore predictably narcissistic, delusional, misandrous, angry, miserable, and whiny. Continue to embrace feminism and remain that way if you wish, but don’t expect psychologically healthy people – i.e. non-feminists and anti-feminists – to give a damn.

Have a nice day.

Mike Buchanan

(and the women who love them)


I invite you to contribute your own comments on her piece.

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