Are mangina ‘journalists’ such as Robert Verkaik embarrassed by what they write? They should be.

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in January 2018:

Journalism has long been a prime career choice for manginas, and Robert Verkaik is a prime example. In today’s iNews his piece Critics warn that measures forcing firms to reveal gender pay gaps do not go far enough was published. Excerpts:

Maria Miller MP says: “Gender pay gap reporting is only one step forward… Most of the businesses in this country are SMEs [small and medium-sized enterprises] and they will not be affected by this legislation at all. Our report recommended including companies that are a smaller size and that would be more in line with other countries in the EU.” [J4MB emphasis]…

Last year the UK’s biggest private-sector equal-pay claim came to court in a case that could eventually lead to around 15,000 predominantly female Asda workers recovering well over £100m in pay. Judges have already ruled that lower paid shop workers – mostly women – can compare themselves to higher paid workers in Asda distribution centres, who are mostly men, because their jobs are of roughly equivalent value to the company. [J4MB: This is nonsense on stilts. Most of the women wouldn’t last a day in a busy warehouse, and certainly wouldn’t be willing to do the heavy lifting often involved, driving costly capital equipment such as fork lift trucks, working unsocial hours, often in warehouses with chilled or frozen goods. No, what they they want is equal pay for sitting on their backsides passing goods over a scanner, something I’ve been doing for some time at my local stores, saving time in the process. They should be ashamed of themselves, but will instead be jubilant because vagina.]…

Miller adds: “There are long-standing reasons why there is a gender pay gap and that is because historically women have taken time out of the labour market and then not been able to find the high-quality [J4MB: In plain English, highly-paid jobs in comfortable surroundings] flexible work [J4MB: Flexible for the women, not the employers] that enables them to rejoin the labour market after they have had children or after they have finished their caring responsibilities. [J4MB: Possibly they can’t find these jobs BECAUSE THEY DON’T EXIST? With several children, what does ‘after they have finished their caring responsibilities’ mean? A possible 20+ year gap in employment? Why should that disincline an employer from paying her the same as a man who worked through those 20+years? Sorry, I forgot. Because mangina, as always.]

“And that is not a historical problem. That is a current problem today which my select committee report on the gender pay gap said will not be resolved in a generation, which is the Government’s objective. Unless those labour-market barriers [J4MB: WHAT barriers, you dingbat?] are addressed, particularly around more high-quality, flexible, part-time working, women have to downgrade their jobs below their abilities so they take jobs in other lower paid sectors.”

It’s time Maria Miller took on a job more suited to her intellect. Holding a sign pointing to a golf merchandise store in Oxford Street comes to mind. Maybe she could job-share with Robert Verkaik, the ‘journalist’ of this woeful article.

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