Hold the front page. Tunisian man (28) who married wheelchair-bound pensioner (64) on their second meeting, might have had an ulterior motive.

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in December 2017:

Words fail me. The start of the piece:

A wheelchair-bound pensioner who married a Tunisian toyboy 36 years her junior has spoken of her heartbreak after he left her after just a fortnight of married life in Britain.

Patricia Hancocks, 64, met Mondher Mezni, when he was 26 on an online dating website and believed at last she had met ‘the One’ – but now fears he ‘only married me for a visa’.

The couple enjoyed a whirlwind romance and got engaged after just 19 days together, on Ms Hancocks’ second holiday to Tunisia to visit her toyboy.


Ms Hancocks has claimed that her husband, 36 years her junior, may have only married her for the visa she helped him secure

They married in north Africa in November 2012 in a lavish ceremony, which included the ceremonial slaughter of a sheep, and she paid for it by living on toast and butter.

After a brief honeymoon they spent eight months apart while the twice-married retired cleaner secured him a visa.

Mr Mezni, now 29, moved to her home in Leicester where he stayed at home to cook, clean and care for his new wife before he suddenly fled a fortnight later.

Being human, I guess we could all be victims of scams like this. The next time a 20-something lingerie model starts chatting me up in my local JD Wetherspoon public house, The Pilgrim’s Progress in Bedford – outstanding real ale at £2.29 per pint, 10% discount on Mondays – I shall be on my guard.

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