The Whine Club

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in November 2017:

In the light of Laura Bates’s febrile appearance on Newsnight last night, a supporter has asked me to link again to my piece published by AVfM in 2013, The Whine Club. Bates, aka Special Snowflake, was the inaugural member. She’s married – her poor husband surely deserves a medal, for taking one for the team. If she has a son, will he be known as Master Bates?

Whining and nagging are highly effective shaming tactics used by many women, and all feminists, against men in general, and as individuals. It’s time for men to call those women out on their infantile behaviour. To shame them, in return.

It’s time for men, in short, to stand up to women, to strap on a pair.

In 2014 we published some advice to men on our website The Alternative Sexism Project, How to deal with the whiny women in your life.

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