Tories Set Race and Gender Quotas For Public Bodies

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in December 2017:

Our thanks to Ray for this. An excerpt:

The Tory government has demanded that 50 per cent of all 5,500 public appointments in Britain go to women, and 14 per cent to ethic minorities.

Constitution minister Chris Skidmore unveiled the targets, which the government wants to see met by 2022, as part of the Cabinet Office’s 10-point Diversity Action Plan on Thursday…

Of the five and a half thousand public appointees currently in post across large institutions and public bodies, 43 per cent are women and 10 per cent are from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Mr Skidmore said that while he welcomed the soaring numbers of female appointees since the first targets were put in place, [J4MB emphasis] “there’s more we need to do across all aspects of diversity.”

Launching the Diversity Action Plan, which he said “will make public appointments even more open and accessible to all”, [J4MB: The unsubstantiated implication being, of course, that the public appointments aren’t already FULLY ‘open and accessible to all’] the constitution minister said:

“We need diverse ideas and perspectives at the helm of our public bodies, so it is vital that public appointees truly reflect the society they serve.” [J4MB: The classic self-serving argument used to justify the appointment of ever more women to cushy well-paid jobs, regardless of their merit.]

Breitbart London has previously reported instances in which the Tory government has made this assertion about diversity, as part of its drive to reduce the number of white men across British institutions. [J4MB emphasis]

All this from a Conservative government. Mrs T must be spinning in her grave.

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