Theresa May ‘looks to double female frontbench members in Cabinet reshuffle’, to extend the current female over-representation

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in January 2018:

Our thanks to Martin for this piece in the International Business Times. The journalist is clearly an idiot and mangina (but I repeat myself). Extracts:

Theresa May is reportedly keen on increasing the gender balance within her Cabinet by promoting a number of women ministers.

With women holding only five [J4MB: Why ‘only’?] out of the 21 cabinet posts…

If there is a front bench reshuffle, she will be aware that women may need [J4MB: Why ‘need’?] to be promoted to redress the current imbalance [J4MB: What ‘imbalance’?] on the front bench…

Let’s look at the ‘gender imbalance’, shall we? In June the BBC reported the gender balance among MPs for the last two general elections – here. After the June election, 67 of the 317 Tory MPs were female – 21%. Five of the current 21 cabinet ministers are female – 24%. So women are already over-represented in May’s cabinet, yet reportedly she wants to double their number.

If there were the time and resources we’d estimate the expected impact of age and experience on the gender balance of the cabinet, if ministers were appointed solely on merit. As in all parties, Tory female MPs tend to be younger and less experienced than their male colleagues.

Will even one Tory MP complain publicly about May’s anti-meritocratic plan to increase yet further the over-representation of female MPs in May’s cabinet? We doubt it. Mrs T must be spinning in her grave.

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