Ireland: Graham Spurling, Girl Guides parade MC, says something funny. Cue outrage from hatchet-faced feminists.

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in March 2018:

Our thanks to Sean for this in The Irish Independent. It starts with a headline which is a lie:

Parade MC sorry for telling Girl Guides to ‘go home and make lunch’

He said no such thing. He asked if they could. The full piece, emphases ours:

A cinema owner has come under criticism after telling members of the Irish Girl Guides to “go home and make lunch” at a local St Patrick’s Day parade.

Graham Spurling, whose family owns numerous multiplexes around the country, made the comments as the MC of the Greystones parade in Co Wicklow.

The Chief Commissioner of the Irish Girl Guides, Helen Concannon, said she was shocked by the comments. [J4MB: A shocked feminist at the head of a sexist organization, admitting only girls. How shocking.]

“Such outdated and misogynistic remarks made so openly at a public event, even in the guise of so-called humour, [J4MB: We get it. Feminists are humourless harridans, we can’t expect them to appreciate humour.] are completely out of place in the 21st century and go against all that our organisation is striving to achieve,” Ms Concannon said on social media. [J4MB: Ms Concannon is engaging in the anti-male “tone policing” that’s a characteristic of women in general, and feminists in particular.]

Girl Guides had chosen gender equality as their theme for St Patrick’s Day. [J4MB: Ironic, given the organization doesn’t admit boys as members.] The group of girls between the ages of five and 14 walked the parade in Greystones carrying posters which read: ‘Girl Power’, ‘Equal Rights’ [J4MB: So they’re willing to give up their privileges in order to have equal rights with males? Good start.] and the Girl Guides’ tagline, ‘Giving Girls Confidence’. [J4MB: Because boys acquire their confidence by marching with posters which read, “Giving Boys Confidence”, right?]

They sang a song as they marched, which included the lyrics: “Can a woman fly an aeroplane? Yes, she can, yes, she can! [J4MB: “Do many women want to fly aeroplanes? No, they don’t, no, they don’t!”] Can a woman build a building? Yes, she can, yes, she can!” [J4MB: “Do women build buildings? No, they don’t, no, they don’t!”]

When the song finished, Mr Spurling asked the crowd: “Can a woman go home now and make the lunch? Can a woman do the ironing?” {J4MB: Good questions. Most women can do both.]

Mr Spurling unreservedly apologised for his remarks, [J4MB: Big mistake. Never apologise to feminists, never explain. You owe them nothing.] describing them as “tongue-in-cheek”.

“I did make the poorly chosen, ill-advised and inappropriate remarks regarding ‘cooking and ironing’,” he told the Irish Independent. “I accept without reserve and apologise for my tongue-in-cheek comments that were only intended to be in jest.”

A spokesperson [J4MB: spokeswoman] for the Irish Girl Guides told the Irish Independent the group has accepted the apology but wants people to learn from the experience.

Chair of Greystones Parade Committee Grainne McLoughlin told the Irish Independent: “Even the best of us can say stupid things at times, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be forgiven and allowed to move on.”

And so another generation of girls is being taught to take offence at what would have passed as perfectly acceptable humour until not long ago. Another generation of girls is being taught to be miserable as a result of contact with the real world. Way to go in building girls’ confidence, Girl Guides! We shall be contacting Graham Spurling to convey our appreciation of his humorous contribution to the parade, and telling him he has nothing to apologise for.

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