Philip Davies MP asks Melanie Onn MP if there should be a law against misandry

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in March 2018:

A tip of the hat to Quentin Letts for writing this. The start of the piece:

Sid James and Benny Hill might have been banged up longer than the Yorkshire Ripper, if Melanie Onn had her way. Mrs Onn (Lab, Great Grimsby) yesterday proposed criminalising misogyny (ie discrimination against women).

She and other MPs demanded ‘appropriate sentencing’ for culprits of ‘street harassment’ such as wolf-whistling and the sort of hello-darlin’ pavement ogling that can occur outside pubs on balmy evenings.

Welcome to liberal Britain. Blow up a British Cabinet with a terrorist bomb and you will walk free. But if you and your mates are outside the Pig & Whistle and compliment a lass on her summer frock, you could face clink. We’d better start building an awful lot of prisons.

Mrs Onn (majority 2,565) opened a debate on ‘misogyny as a hate crime’. Only nine MPs were present and only one was a man. Tut tut. Worse, he was Philip Davies (Con, Shipley), serial skewer of political correctness. He was there long enough to ask two awkward questions.

Did Mrs Onn think there should also be a law against misandry (ie discrimination against men)? She did not. ‘There is a power imbalance in society that disproportionately affects women negatively, so I think misogyny should be an exclusive strand of hate crime,’ she averred. Glowering.

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