Professor Betsey Stevenson is a blithering idiot

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in February 2018:

image of betsey stevenson

‘Professor’ Betsey Stevenson. I own plants with higher IQs.

The start of an article referencing this blithering idiot:

A University of Michigan professor recently argued that the lack of women in Economics textbooks could help explain why few females pursue the field.

Associate Economics professor Betsey Stevenson and Hanna Zlotnick, a Master of Public Policy candidate, recently reviewed the depictions women and men in eight leading economics textbooks, finding that 77 percent of people represented in those textbooks were male.

The gender disparity was even more pronounced for specific mentions of economics, Stevenson and Zlotnick discovered, reporting that male economists outnumber women 12-to-1 overall, and that in one particular textbook, there were no female economists to be found.

They also discovered that textbooks often depict men “making a decision,” while women are often illustrated as “[having] a decision made for them.”

Stevenson and Zlotnick argue that this gender-disparity could help explain why women aren’t attracted to the field…

Lamenting the fact that textbooks are overwhelmingly male, the professors also argue that textbooks should be “forward-looking” instead, representing the gender diversity they wish Economics would attract instead of reflecting the current situation.

“Additionally, one might argue [J4MB: … if one were a blithering idiot…] that all types of students should be able to see themselves and their lives reflected in the examples and discussions they see when they study economics,” they write. “Therefore, one could argue that textbooks not only should be representative of the actual world, but reflect the diversity of the student body we would ideally like to attract.”

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