Why is the economy stagnant? It’s feminism, stupid!

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in April 2018:

An excellent piece by Andrew Cadman for TCW. I’ve been trying (without success) to post the following comments, but will keep trying. [Update 12:45 – it’s finally got published.]

Andrew, thanks for your excellent piece.

Before I turn to the issue at hand, I’d like to point to a story which may at first glance appear unrelated, but isn’t – an eye-watering instance of a woman “winning” against male competition.

Desi Linden, a woman, recently “won” the Boston Marathon, despite 142 men beating her race time, and duly won the $150,000 first place prize money. The mainstream media have been very reluctant to explain how such a farcical outcome could have happened. The answer is here.

The feminization of organizations and professions always leads to a drop in efficiency and effectiveness (and therefore productivity). The world-renowned sociologist Dr Catherine Hakim explained in her Preference Theory (2000) that while one in seven British women are “work-centred”, four in seven British men are. From the moment they leave f/t education, women are more likely than men either to not work, or to only work p/t. Men pay almost 3/4 of the income taxes which fund the state which assaults men’s and boys’ rights on many fronts.

The government continues to drive major companies into increasing the proportion of women on their boards and senior executive levels, regardless of merit. They started with the FTSE100, now focusing on the FTSE350, it won’t stop there. All this despite it having been known for many years that a causal link exists between increasing the proportion of women on boards, and corporate financial DECLINE.

Campaign for Merit in Business has been campaigning against this “direction of travel” since I launched it in 2012. Later that year I presented written evidence to a House of Lords inquiry, and “Professor” (“Feminist Ideologue” would better describe her) Susan Vinnicombe (Cranfield Uni) admitted in her reply to Lord Fearn that she knew of no evidence of a causal link between more women on boards, and enhanced financial performance – here (scroll down).

I presented written and oral evidence of the link with corporate financial decline to a House of Commons inquiry later that year. The evidence is here (scroll down). The video of Catherine Hakim, Steve Moxon, and myself giving oral evidence is here.

The sum total of all this evidence and effort? Zero. Diddly Squat. Nada. The ConLib coalition was, and the current Conservative government is, even more driven by feminist ideology than the preceding Labour governments. David Cameron threatened FTSE100 companies with legislated gender quotas – through the Davies Report (Lord Davies is a LABOUR peer) – if they failed to “voluntarily” double the proportion of women on their boards by 2015. To their eternal shame, they meekly complied. Indeed some FTSE100 chairmen were (and remain) key drivers of The 30% Club.

I hope the good ladies at TCW won’t mind me plugging an event we’re hosting in London over 20-22 July, the fourth International Conference on Men’s Issues. Only a small number of tickets left now.

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