First woman to join infantry regiment since defence chiefs lifted ban on females serving in combat units quits after TWO WEEKS, admitting she underestimated the 18-week course

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in May 2018:

Our thanks to Mike P for thisQuelle surprise. The end of the piece:

She is understood to have been one of just three women who applied to join the RAF Regiment and the only one considered fit enough [J4MB emphasis. Considered fit enough by who, and on what grounds? The person is evidently utterly incompetent, given the woman threw the towel in after just two weeks into an 18-week course.] to start the course at RAF Honington alongside 44 men.

A source at the base said: ‘Even though she was way off the pace of most of the men, [J4MB emphasis] she gained a lot of people’s respect. She tried her best [J4MB: “Trying your best” will be the critical success factor in the next war Britain fights, hopefully] and was honest enough to admit the course was too tough for her. [J4MB: “Honest enough to admit”. What alternative did she have? Denying the bleedin’ obvious?]

‘She was a bit isolated outside training hours because she lived apart from everyone else. [J4MB: A bit isolated? Oh dear. How sad. Never mind. The lesson to be learned is obvious. The RAF – and the Army and Navy – must construct social clubs so that real (male) combatants and pretend (female) combatants can mix outside training hours, so the latter can get some sexual harassment cases in, and hit the jackpot at taxpayers’ expense.]

‘There was a lot of secrecy surrounding her participation. The guys were surprised to see her. There was pressure on her instructors to help her to pass the course. [J4MB emphasis – how might they have “helped”, one wonders.] I think the RAF wanted good PR out of it.’

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