Another battle in the war against anti-male Political Correctness – “Beer Goggles” ale

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in August 2018:

Our thanks to Sean for this. A pub in Horsham, Sussex, is to withdraw from sale “Beer Goggles” ale. The full article in the West Sussex County Times:

The Kings Arms, in Guildford Road, has been serving alcohol on tap with a bar clip advertising Beer Goggles.

The clip has a photo of a haggard old woman on it and when rotated shows another image of a younger looking woman.

On Twitter WikiSussexPubs – which posts guides to pubs across Sussex – posted a picture of the clip with the message “Elgood Brewery’s ‘Beer Goggles’. A great pint, and just the best pump clip I have seen in ages!”

In response to the tweet several people criticised the clip claiming it was ‘something that belonged in the 70s’. [J4MB: Several people tweeted this exact phrase? A co-ordinated whiners’ campaign, then.]

The Kings Arms later released a statement saying it was removing both the beer and the clip from its bar. It said: “We notice that a pump clip on show in our pub seems to have caused upset [J4MB: Upset to whiners, who should be permanently banned from the pub.] Our interests lie in selling good beer to all with cheer, as long as you’re between 18 and 118 you’re welcome. This pump clip or beer will not feature on our bar again!”

A spokesman for Elgoods Brewery said: “This is a beer, and pump clip, that we have sold nationwide in both 2017 and 2018 and it has been well received in trade. “The pump clip and name is based on an old, traditional image (somewhat older than the 1970s!) and is meant to be, and is generally accepted as, a little bit of fun. “We are a very old family brewery, owned and run by three sisters [J4MB emphasis] and would not seek to intentionally offend people although it is always possible to do so inadvertently.” [J4MB: Whiners will always be offended, whether intentionally or inadvertently. It’s what they live for. Why should the lives of normal people be affected?]

I’ve just posted the following comments on the contact form of their website (about 80% of the way down). Why not send them your own comments?

Good morning. I lead Justice for Men & Boys, the only political party in the world, and have done so since its launch in 2013. It remains the only such party in the English-speaking world.

I’ve been informed of a piece in the “West Sussex County Times” of your withdrawal from sale of the “Beer Goggles” ale. “Beer goggles” is no more offensive a term than “wine goggles” for women, pointing as it does to an eternal truth about alcohol.

Pandering to whiners never satisfies them, they’ll find something else. This is just another example of pubs bowing down to PC pressure against their male customers – who after all are the source of most of their income – and must be resisted.

If you reinstate the beer, even temporarily, I should be delighted to drive two hours from my home in Bedford to sup a pint of “Beer Goggles”, if interviewed and photographed by a local paper. Thank you. In the meantime, I’m about to post a blog piece on this matter on our website,

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1 thought on “Another battle in the war against anti-male Political Correctness – “Beer Goggles” ale

  1. I loved that “Beer Goggles” reference. I’ve seen it all over the east coast of the U.S.A. I loved it and further more it is TRUE. Ugly females do look halfway descent afterwards. I guess it could go both ways. Feminist hate it because a man thought of it first plus they know it’s true.


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