The worst own goal in football history? Maidstone United Women v Prince of Wales

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in December 2018:

Our thanks to John for this. The video is also on YouTube, here. 26 seconds of comedy gold, showing what’s been described on some sport websites as the worst own goal in football history. An extract from the article:

It’s fair to say a comedy of errors lead to this goal. The cross is poor, the keeper has a mare, the defender has no idea what she’s doing, the striker has a terrible effort and the second defender is left with egg on her face.

Maidstone did win 12-0 but there’s no excuse for just how dreadful that goal was, especially as it was only the third so it’s not like anyone could have given up already.

It’s honestly the best and worst goal we’ve seen and needs to both be celebrated and mocked in equal measure. It’s a special feat of footballing skill really.

Compare the skill level of the Prince of Wales defenders with that of six-year-old Oscar Herbert, from Northampton – here. The short video is sporting gold rather than comedy gold, and the lad is impressively modest about what he’s just done (on his second attempt, hence the modesty. Usually he manages it first time, I expect).

It does beg the question, could teams of boys under seven years of age beat the British women’s teams at football and rugby? Now those would be matches I’d travel some distance to see…

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