Women are strong! Women are amazing!! Women are as tall as men!!!

On BBC News at Ten last night, there were excerpts from Boris Johnson’s Covid-19 press conference earlier in the day. The ITV News file is here (video).

I almost choked on my chilled Evian water (ice and a slice of lime) when I spotted that the woman also in the press conference, Dido, was standing on a plinth – play the video from 18:07, she appears a few seconds later. The only possible explanation, I think, was to make her look as tall as the prime minister. Women’s emotional neediness knows no bounds.

I imagine Dido will be pleased to return to her singing career once the pandemic is over.

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1 thought on “Women are strong! Women are amazing!! Women are as tall as men!!!

  1. What a bunch of Bull, females have no shame. The only thing more ridiculous are the fools who believe this propaganda. Thanks again Mr. Buchanan for pointing out the over whelming egos females have of themselves.


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