Cherelle Brown, 27, mother of three, takes smirking selfie outside court after avoiding jail for nightclub bottle attack (which left a man needing plastic surgery on his face) as she calls herself the ‘luckiest little b**** ever right now!’

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in April 2019:

Our thanks to Jack for this. Extracts:

A single mother was captured taking a celebratory selfie outside a courthouse after she avoided jail for a nightclub glassing attack which left a builder requiring plastic surgery.

Cherelle Brown, 27, took smirking photos of herself on the steps of the building then uploaded them to her social media page with the caption: ‘Feeling the luckiest little b**** ever right now!’

Minutes earlier Brown had successfully begged a judge not to lock her up claiming she was ‘regretful and remorseful’ for throwing a bottle in Samuel Litherland’s face in a drunken rage…

At Preston Crown Court, Brown, of Blackburn, admitted unlawful wounding but said a stretch in jail would be ‘disruptive’ for her three children, one a boy and the other two girls aged four and 18 months.

After being given an 18 month jail sentence suspended for two years she posted the pouting picture and said: ‘One door closes and another opens! Feeling the luckiest little b**** ever right now! Once again the kids have saved me from myself.’…

The court heard Brown had a string of convictions for theft and assault. She told police she had little recollection of the attack on Mr Litherland because she had been drinking.

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