Join me in cancelling your TV licence. Stop funding BBC TV left-wing and feminist anti-male propaganda.

The requirement to have a TV licence if you want to watch any live TV – not just BBC TV – is like having to buy The Guardian when you buy another newspaper. I’ve just done something I should have done years ago, and cancelled my TV licence. Last year over a million British people did the same, depriving the organisation of £150+ million.

I’m sick to death of funding BBC left-wing and feminist anti-male propaganda, which run through so much BBC TV output – drama, “comedy”, non-fiction, news, the whole shooting match. BBC Radio is also a major source of the propaganda, of course, and is also funded by the TV licence fee, but at least we don’t have to pay for listening to BBC Radio.

Millions of people are paying for TV licences despite not watching any live TV output. So, how can you discover if you need to have a TV licence? Check here. Then, if you don’t need one, inform TV Licensing (TVL) here. You need to give them a month’s notice, and pay a final monthly Direct Debit if you have one set up, but then that’s it. You’ll soon stop funding BBC TV left-wing and feminist anti-male propaganda, and walk taller thereafter. Congratulations!

I can’t recall the last thing that gave me as much pleasure as cancelling my TV licence. Now, what to do with my windfall of £159.12 p.a.?

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