Justice Secretary David Gauke is considering plans to give female prisoners mobile phones and let their children live with them to stop them reoffending

A piece published on the website of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them), the political party of which I’m the chairman, in June 2019:

Our thanks to Mike P for this. The start of the piece:

Female prisoners could be given mobile phones and be allowed to live with their children to maintain family ties and help stop them reoffending.

All women inmates would get a handset to keep in touch with their loved ones day or night under the contentious plans being considered by Justice Secretary David Gauke.

Phones would not connect to the internet and prisoners could only call a small group of approved numbers.

Convicts would have to pay for the calls, with service providers being encouraged to offer them special deals.

And in a bid to help women convicts prepare for life on the outside, they could be moved to a ‘halfway house’ – which would not have bars on the windows’ – where they can live with their children.

The proposals, based on the justice model in Germany, follow a report by Tory peer Lord Farmer which emphasised the use of technology to boost rehabilitation among women criminals. But critics are like to regard the phone idea as fresh evidence that jails are becoming too cushy.

Some 3,900 women are in prison in England and Wales, about 5 per cent of inmates, and most have been jailed for low-level crimes such as shoplifting. [J4MB: You have to ask yourself, how many “low-level crimes such as shoplifting” would a woman have to commit in 2019, to get a custodial sentence? A custodial sentence is very much a last resort for women, unlike men.]

About 71 per cent of those released from a custodial sentence of less than a year reoffended within 12 months.

More than 60 per cent of female offenders have been victims of domestic abuse [J4MB: allegedly] and they are more than twice as likely as male inmates to have mental health problems. [J4MB: lie]

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